Mini Bee Garden Kit in Cornfield Bees Card



This Kit-in-a-card includes a Mini Bee Garden Kit!


A present in a card – ideal for posting when you want to send more than just a card. (Weight and dimensions for large letter rate.)


Product Information


  • Packed in a strong cardboard envelope, this C6 lino print greetings card (blank inside) holds seeds for bees, a plant label and a mini leaflet on gardening for bees.
  • Easy-to-grow blue Phacelia flowers within 12 weeks – suitable for small or large gardens, pots, containers.
  • Loved by honeybees and many other pollinators. 
  • Mini leaflet gives ideas on bee gardening, along with a guide to different pollen colours for some common flowering plants.

Mini Bee Garden Kit in Cornfield Bees Card

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